Weather Conditions at the Perrine Bridge

General Weather Expectations

As you can see below, The wind at the Perrine Bridge is usually out of the West, giving us a "Tail Wind" on exit and generally very nice conditions for jumping, and turning a 180 to land at the large LZ Southwest below the bridge.

Current Weather

With typical winds out of the West you can expect clean air in the canyon and an easy flight pattern to your landing area until winds begin exceeding 20mph. East winds are also generally non-turbulent but a strong East wind will impede your forward flight and make it difficult to reach the landing zone. East winds with high openings can push a jumper back into the steel of the bridge as well. North and South winds more than light winds cause turbulence in the canyon and are not recommended jumping conditions nor are winds from any direction that are gusting violently. These are all things candidates know and have learned from their previous skydiving education.

BASE Packing Video

This video is designed and published for jumpers who have completed their Twin Falls BASE FJC as a reminder and refresher.

  • Layout and 4-Line Check
  • Flaking the Canopy
  • Dressing the Nose
  • Brakes & Tail-Gate
  • Flaking the Tail & Reduction Folds
  • Tail Pocket & Line Stows